Vegatable Crayons

Vegatable crayons

In the fall of 2012, “Vegatable Crayon” began quietly as a freelance designer at home. The founder Kimura chose  independence so that she can work as her own style, trying to sepnd more time with her daughter.


In the long and harsh winter in Aomori, Kimura began to feel that she wanted to create her own products, and in particular, create products that are unique to Aomori. “Vegatable Crayon” was born from this idea of ​​coloring the snow-covered white world, sharing between parent and child.


In March 2014, this concept was realized and finally launched. Mizuiro Co., Ltd. in September of the same year.  This word, meaning “Water Colour”, because light blue, a color not found in vegetables, and above all, Kimura’s favorite sky and sea colors.

Vegatable crayons are crayones made from rice and vegetables.  Based on rice oil and rice wax collected from rice bran, Kimura used the outer leaves of vegetables that were discarded during harvesting as raw materials. Pigments of vegetables are the same as those used for coloring food, so that even small children can play with safety. The product is made of only safe materials that can be put in the mouth.